LED lighting

August 2019 Reobijn replaced the lighting in the production and storage during summer break. The new LED fixtures have a higher light output and are more intense, they also use less energy and last longer. The manufacturing of LED lighting requires less raw materials and LED lighting is less vulnerable. The installation of LED lighting

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Reobijn acquires Kors Fakoplast

On May 1st, 2019 Reobijn has acquired Kors Fakoplast. The machines, the staff and the customers of Kors will be accommodated both at Reobijn in Haaksbergen and Final Plastics in Losser. A plan is in place to guarantee a smooth transition. In total over 80 molds are involved which will be put into production in

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Reobijn invests in 210T machine

January 2019: the 210T machine is built according to the latest standard and is economical and efficient. Also this machine will be linked to our ERP-system and will be -real time- monitored.

Reobijn invests in 320T 2C injection moulding machine

After installing a 320T 2-C machine in 2017,  Reobijn now expands its machine park with another 320T 2-C injection moulding machine (November 2018). In October a 40T machine joined the family.

Reobijn acquires BRC Certificate

For Reobijn quality is no end result, it is our objective to continuously strive to improve. At the request of one of our customers an independent institute has executed an audit on the production of serving trays.  Reobijn complies with the standard for “packaging & packaging materials (issue 5, July 2015)” These serving trays are manufactured

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Reobijn invests in 4 new injection moulding machines.

Reobijn expands its machine park with four new injection moulding machines due to new projects. These machines, of course equipped with take-out robots, will be delivered in March and April 2017. It concerns the following injection moulding machines: a 660T, 650T, 40T and 320T 2-component machine with integrated turntable. These machines are built according to

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Expansion of industrial building

Reobijn completed an extension of 2,000m2. Our technical department, the storage of raw material as well as the storage of dies (fire safe ”vault”) are accommodated in this new building.

Extension production hall

As part of the total expansion the production hall has expanded with 700m2. A new electricity supply has been installed   as well as a complete new cooling system. Other infrastructural facilities are adapted to the new situation.

Renewal of our offices

Since 2013 the new offices are in use. Both in- and externally the offices are completely renovated and refurbished. The result is an efficient, light and open structure with energy saving devices.